Do you work for a company or municipality in green space management, horticulture, garden centre production, urban forestry, greenhouse production, or nursery production? If your duties are related to ornamental upkeep and greenspaces, insect monitoring is a valuable tool you can rely on to prevent damage caused by the many insect pests found in ornamental plants.

In the case of the Emerald Ash Borer, although there are still no large-scale control methods, by monitoring the insect pest you will be able to detect its presence and take the necessary actions.

If you are a Christmas tree producer and plan to export your trees, you should be using traps to monitor for Gypsy Moth to be sure you comply with the import protocols of certain countries.

If you work in a greenhouse or nursery, insect monitoring can help you protect your valuable crops and keep your costs down. And by targeting and reducing your treatments, you allow beneficial insects and predators to maintain their natural balance.

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