In North America, tolerance toward insects is exceedingly low. That’s why, before using an insecticide, it is important to investigate whether there is actually an insect problem and, if so, to identify the insect or insects present and the level of infestation. That’s where insect monitoring comes into play!

In the residential sector, insect pest monitoring can help prevent most infestations, including in stored products (e.g., Indian Meal Moth), pet food, clothing (Webbing Clothes moth), and other situations. Once it has been detected and quantified, an infestation can then be treated in the appropriate manner.

The same is true in the commercial sector, where it is even more important to prevent infestations since they can seriously compromise valuable food supplies that are the result of hours of hard work.

Once your needs are clearly identified, the appropriate action can help keep such losses to a minimum.


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